Horizontal Shaft Impactors - Heavy Duty

The VINI make Horizontal Shaft Impact crusher offers the latest technology with a heavy-duty structure for utmost production at the lowest operating cost. It offers ease of use and maintenance, and combines all the features necessary for optimum performance.

VINI Impactors are used as primary and secondary crushers for size reduction of various materials like Limestone, Basalt, Blast Furnace Slag, Coal, Dolomite, Gravel, Concrete, Asphalt etc., in wet and dry applications. These crushers offer operators a very high ratio of reduction and can accept larger feed sizes. There are no screens at the discharge opening, thus avoiding plugging. VINI Impactors are specially designed to ensure reliability along with easy maintenance, interchangeable wear parts and fast replacement. These crushers require less capital outlay and produce higher percentage of cubical shaped products than other type of crushers.

VINI Impact Crushers are available in various sizes with different rotor diameters and widths to suit the customer’s needs and applications. These machines are highly suitable for crushing hard and highly abrasive materials.

These machines are made of the highest quality and go through stringent quality checks.

Salient Features

  • Heavy Duty Solid Rotor Construction
  • Four Row Configuration
  • Greased Oversized Bearings
  • Blow Bars Available In Manganese And Various Compositions Of Chrome Steels
  • High Reduction Ratios Upto 30:1
  • High Throughput Capacity
  • Cubical Product With High Crush Count
  • Selective Crushing By Speed And Breaker Plate Adjustment
  • Interchangeable Wear Parts
  • Maximum Operating Reliability
  • Ease Of Maintenance And Service


Feed enters the primary crushing chamber and meets the Blow bars, which impels the feed against the front breaker plate assembly. This action and the collision of material against new feed, results in impact reduction. Material sufficiently reduced in the primary chamber passes by the front breaker plate assembly and enters the secondary and tertiary chamber for final reduction.

Large Feed Opening

VINI Impactors feature a very large feed opening, which enables optimum utilization of the impact chamber, with high capacity rates and excellent size reduction ratios. In addition, plugging of the material is avoided.

Breaker Plate Assembly

The Breaker Plate Assembly can be optimally adjusted for particular applications. The breaker plate reaches till below the last crushing element of blow bar. The breaker plates are made of welded steel structure and are mounted with replaceable Blow Bars.


The rotor is mounted on a large diameter forged shaft, which is supported by over-sized, self-aligning, roller bearings located in heavy-duty split bearing housings. The Blow bars of the rotor are held in the rotor by a simple locking device. The complete Rotor assembly is hard-surfaced in critical areas and thermally stress relieved.


The Housing is fabricated with heavy ribs. It is also hinged and has big inspection doors for ease in maintenance.

Blow Bars

The Blow Bars are reversible, enabling longer life and less stock keeping.


The impactor is driven by V-Belts and Electric Motor.

Technical Specifications

  • V-IMP 0806
  • Rotor Dia in mm800
  • Rotor Width in mm 600
  • Throughput in TPH25 to 30
  • Power in HP 60
  • V-IMP 0808
  • Rotor Dia in mm800
  • Rotor Width in mm 800
  • Throughput in TPH35 to 45
  • Power in HP 75
  • V-IMP 1008
  • Rotor Dia in mm1000
  • Rotor Width in mm 800
  • Throughput in TPH50 to 60
  • Power in HP 75
  • V-IMP 1010
  • Rotor Dia in mm1000
  • Rotor Width in mm 1000
  • Throughput in TPH65 to 75
  • Power in HP 100
  • V-IMP 1210
  • Rotor Dia in mm1200
  • Rotor Width in mm 1000
  • Throughput in TPH80 to 90
  • Power in HP 120
  • V-IMP 1212
  • Rotor Dia in mm1200
  • Rotor Width in mm 1200
  • Throughput in TPH100 to 110
  • Power in HP 180
  • V-IMP 1412
  • Rotor Dia in mm1400
  • Rotor Width in mm 1200
  • Throughput in TPH140 to 160
  • Power in HP 200
  • V-IMP 1414
  • Rotor Dia in mm1400
  • Rotor Width in mm 1400
  • Throughput in TPH180 to 200
  • Power in HP 250