Fabricated body from certified quality strong steel material welded construction to withstand heavy crushing and impact loads during operation. Wide entry throat ensures easy feeding to crushing chamber.

B - Jaw plates

Manganese steel casted stationary and swing jaw plates are the well mass balance castings, machined / levelled precisely for crushing without rubbing. Different types of jaw plates are available to suit the feed stock for crushing application. Gap adjustment mechanism is at the fixed / Stationary Jaw which ensures the crushing geometry intact.

C - Hinge Pin

Sturdy hinge pin is made out of well engineered precision sub assembly, assembled at correct location of crushing chamber to ensure crushing without rubbing. Hinge pin large load bearing area is designed to facilitate integral lubrication which results in minimum frictional loss during operation.

D - Pitman

Light weight cast steel, precisely machined component uniquely designed to withstand maximum compression load with minimum frictional operation.

E - Toggle

Double toggle arrangement gives balance load distribution and effective pressure application through eccentric mechanism to swing jaw. Well engineered compression spring ensures the cushioning to the toggle mechanism, which eliminates knocking and wear & tear.

F - Lubrication

Splash lubrication system comprising of positive displacement pump for oil spray arrangement. It is completely in enclosed operating mechanism designed for continuous application.This high tech lubrication system enables the jaw crusher to run safely at designed speed for rated out put.

G - Safety device

This device disengages the driven pulley instantaneously and protects the machine against accidental overloads.

H - Fly wheel

Light weight fly wheel transmits power to main shaft through safety device. Mass momentum balance mechanism is the salient feature of this fly wheel which helps in starting the crusher with normal duty squirrel cage electric motor or as required for special application.

I - Diaphragm

Specially designed oil resistant flexible diaphragm is an excellent sealing for oil chamber. No foreign particles can intervene the splash lubrication system.